About Us

Who We Are?

`Hi, I am Mahavir Singh owner of Ghoomakard.com, I would like to share some personal experiences which motivated me to create this Blogging site

Earlier I was just a frequent traveler but now I am a Blogger as well, before marriage I was not so keen in traveling but after marriage travelling has become my habit, after getting married I have explored almost full India except core eastern part.

Before we travel anywhere we used to enquire a lot like about the packages, hotels quality, weather the trip is economic or not, the route map, food at stay, transport facilities, kids and senior citizen policies and etc.

For getting answers on above enquiries we used to visit lot of the sites to satisfy ourselves and I feel proud to mention that the major credit goes to my wife, who has very experience on exploring the destinations.

I started exploring destinations from the hill stations first as my wife belongs to Uttrakhand, so it was easy to me for getting an idea about the hills and till now I have explored closely 48 destinations across the globe where major part is from India.

With all the travel experience my better half and I decided to make a website where we can share our experiences to travelers so the challenges which we have faced they should not face.

I have covered mostly all of the destinations in my website from North to South and East to West

Where I have written the blog on major states, their cities and most visited tourist places in the region, you will find categories and sub categories at my site

where I have covered the topics like Pilgrimage places in region, Hill stations, Adventurous places, Beaches, Wildlife & National Wildlife, Heritage places and Backwaters etc.

Above all the categories I have written the blog where I have given all detailed information about the destinations like, when is the best time to reach, how to reach, transportation options, (via road, air and train) sightseeing options,

their entry fee, opening & closing time, best hotels to live around the destinations, nearby places to visit and mote things mention in my post.

If groups or corporate companies looking for some excursion trips then I have category for weekend getaways where you can find the nearby places around you within the 100 to 300Km destinations,

Here you will find adventurous destinations where you can enjoy while doing lot of exercise activities like trekking, Tarzan swing, Burma Bridge, Commando net, Barrel crossing,

Balance walk, Natural rock climbing, Rappelling, Hiking to cover up lakes, Zorbing cycling and many more fun activities, etc.

This weekend getaways trips is an ideal destination for Corporate Companies & families looking for short weekend trips, where they can come and get relaxed from their routine working culture

and have fun while doing adventures, here you will find lot of activities for kids as well so elders and kids can do their activities separately.

The Ghoomakard, Blogs, Articles and Travel guides further help the readers to know more about the destinations and effectively takes you to the incredible destinations of India.