Havelock Island Andaman Tourism

Havelock Island Tourist Places, is captivate for the travelers from all over the world throughout the year.

This place named after Henry Havelock, who was General in British military,

he was deeply considered as a visionary for

his planned dismantling of rebel of 1857, it’s also named as first revolt

of Indian Independence against the acquisitive rule of East India Company.

There are a lot of beaches which make this place as

a paradise for visitors but out of it, five villages’ presents

their distinctive beaches are Govinda Nagar, Bejoy Nagar,

Radha Nagar, Krishna Nagar and Shyam Nagar.

Once you reach Havelock Island it’s better to roam

on foot and have an experience of exploring beaches, shops

and shacks around. Here you will find deep range

of various adventurous activities to spark your tedious life.

Havelock Island is approximately 55 km northeast

of the capital city of Port Blair with around two

to three departures daily from Port Blair to the island.

Havelock Island is 56 Km approximately from the Port Blair

and has 2-3 departures every day from the capital to Island.

In 2018 Indian Government has renamed as Swaraj Dweep,

It was a tribute to Subhash Chandra Bose.

Havelock Island Tourist Places



Broadly known as Sunrise Beach, the Sitapur Beach is a span

of glimmering sands. With transcending palm trees, orange dawns,

and purple nightfall’s, the sea shore enraptures guests

in the enclosure of happiness. Sitapur Beach

is another beautiful beach situated in Neil Island.

Sitapur Beach at Havelock,

This insignificantly investigated place that is known for nature

is perhaps the best spot to visit in Havelock with family.

It is unquestionably probably the best spot to visit in Havelock Island.


Perceived as Asia’s best sea shore, Radha Nagar’s turquoise waters fill

in as a significant Havelock island fascination.

With diverse facilities from 5-star resorts to monetary ones, you

can undoubtedly fit an extraordinary occasion in financial plan.

Radha Nagar beach in Havelock , a family beach

and Go for a loosening up walk on the delicate ridges and revel in its adventurist exercises.

Blue Bird Resort is a well known resort in Havelock Island and Blue Bird Resort is located on one

of the most beautiful Beach of Havelock called Vijay Nagar Beach.


Prestigious for being a beautiful spot, the Vijay Nagar Beach is probably
the best spot to find in Havelock, particularly for venture sweethearts.
Vijay Nagar Beach in Havelock for kayaking and for bird watching

This modest asylum offers swashbucklers an assortment

of water sports to revive their fatigued selves.

Do visit this spot while going for Havelock touring


The charming coral reefs in the starting cyan Elephant Beach guarantee guests an astounding occasion.

You would be astonished that these otherworldly coral reefs could

be situated at simply a meter profundity of the sea shore.

Elephant Beach in Havelock island, you can take elephant ride and can do more fun activities

Satiate accomplishments are anticipating you at the sea shore. Prepare

to lose yourself into Havelock Island touring at The Elephant Beach.


Situated on the Havelock islet, the Kala Pathar Beach invests wholeheartedly

of being one among the must-visit Havelock island vacationer places.

Kala Pathar Beach in Havelock good for Sunbathing

The spotlight of this sea shore is the astounding perspective

it gives to the Bay of Bengal other than

the strong stones on the coasts and underwater.

The profound waters of the Kala Pathar Beach make

it ideal for a thorough swim under the daylight.


Havelock island touring is fragmented without a visit to Bharatpur Beach.

This impeccable land is the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

and is rarely packed, along these lines making

it an amazing spot for undisturbed recreation.

The sea shore investigation and water sports are the exemplary attractions here.

Bharatpur Beach in Havelock good for Snorkeling and Kayaking

The tranquil environs of the Bharatpur Beach settle on

it a legitimate decision to be added to your list of must-dos.


Past the appealing shells and brilliant sands,

the Laxmanpur Beach is dazzling for sunbathing and swimming.

The waters of Laxmanpur Beach are shallow and

it makes it protected to swim while delighting

in the astonishing perspective on the corals under.

Laxmanpur Beach by Havelock island Andaman Tourism, good for sunbathing

Likewise called locally as the Sunset Point, Laxmanpur Beach

is perhaps the most delightful spots to find in Havelock.


This is a little island that overflows with marine life and

It’s outstanding amongst other traveler places in Havelock

Neil Island would remain as a stage to sprout

a kinship between scaled animals and mentally enriched animals.

Neil Island

The rich vegetation land and different biota of Neil Island draws

in individuals from everywhere India and abroad.

In the event that you need a break from your rushed way of life,

a decent two-day visit at the Neil Island would restore your drained soul.


On the off chance that you need to have the best involvement with scuba making

a plunge Havelock, Ocean Tribe merits considering.

The novices just as specialists are very much dealt with

by the experts who have been confirmed

as the Professional Association of Diving Instructors.

Ocean tribe scuba diving ocean walking and Scuba diving

You will get the guide just as pack from this middle as it were.

The middle likewise allows you to encounter sea strolling and swimming.


Require a 20-minute boat ride to Elephant Beach, dazzling

in its truly amazing magnificence.

Uncrowded and favored with completely clear waters,

Elephant Beach is viewed as ideal for swimming

and scuba jumping. With a little preparing,

and some fundamental gear like a veil, a snorkel

and a couple of balances, you can investigate

the marvels of the marine world, getting very close

with captivating ocean animals and plants.

Snorkeling in Havelock island

With its area and flawless climate, Havelock Island

offers numerous other uncommon swimming locales, similar

to The Lighthouse, South Button and Tamarind Camp.

Regardless of whether you swim solo or with a gathering, this

is one action that you’ll appreciate as far as possible in any case.


This is likewise known by the name Wander National Park.

The public park was established in the year 1983 and includes 15 islands.

Individuals ordinarily come here to observe the coral reefs and wondrous marine life,

and including water snakes, shells, ocean anemones,

saltwater crocodiles, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Here you can watch wildlife

It is appropriately viewed as truly outstanding


This is quite possibly the most quiet areas you can visit in Havelock Island, particularly

on the off chance that you are a sea shore child.

You can evaluate the intriguing and exciting water sports here and benefit as much

as possible from your Andaman trip. Close to Govind Nagar,

Evening walk and Snorkeling

you’ll likewise discover a wonderment striking beacon –

an ideal spot to click incalculable pictures at. In this way,

it tends to be an incredible spot when you are going for


The Barren Island is home to the lone dynamic

well of lava in the entire South-East-Asia, and was

in the news as of late when it ejected in the year 2017.

The Island being totally uninhabited by people, houses a wide assortment of novel creature

and bird species that can be discovered no place else.

Aerial Sightseeing at Barren Island

Normal attractions at the Island incorporate ocean plane ride and nature walk.

The visit administrators take sightseers around

the Island to encounter the stunning vegetation it observes.


A cutting edge, very much kept up town with dazzling silver sea shores running down

its coastline, Long Island is a vacation destination all alone.

Guests discover Long Island’s metropolitan framework, including a force station,

a boat building yard and a reach woodland office, an intriguing difference

Long Island in Havelock, Boat building yard to see here

to its glorious sea shores. With plentiful marine life,

as old caverns, mangroves and rich vegetation, Long Island

is the ideal spot for experience the travel industry and eco-the travel industry as well.

Lalaji Bay Beach and Merk Bay Beach, both shocking stretches of silver

and sky blue waters, offer superb nightfall sees that attract picture takers to the island.

Bird-watching, dolphin-spotting, swimming and swimming are among

the other well-known exercises for vacationers at Long Island.


There are numerous sea shores on Havelock Island

and quite possibly the main ones is Lalji sea shore.

The sea shore offers grand dusk perspectives and

it is quite possibly the main spots for getting great pictures.

In case you’re anticipating checking the acclaimed spots to visit in Havelock Island,

at that point Lalji Beach Bay will be the ideal for you.

Enjoy Boat Ride at Beach

Since it is situated in Andaman, it tends to be effectively found.

The island offers boat rides for coming to this spot and there are

excellent mangrove backwoods here. One can take the parkway

for arriving at this spot also, nearby vehicle is accessible constantly.

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