Ooty Hill Station, Climate

Ooty Hill station Tamil Nadu, is a beautiful place and its situated in Nigiri’s hills.

The formal name of the town is Ootacamund and shortened to Ooty

for the benefit of the visitor who comes here yearly in big numbers.

This town is a part of Nilgiri local community of Tamil Nadu

The Ooty City is fully surrounded with the Nilgiri Hills and

it’s the reason of his beauty. This hill prominence also known

as Blue Mountains which reflect its beauty. Few people think that

this name has come up from the flower Kurinji which blossom once

in every twelve years in valley. These flowers are in blue color at

the time of blossom and gives its color reflection to

the hills which make the scenic beauty of these hills.

Tourist Places In Ooty

Ooty Hill station Tamil Nadu is famous for its scenic beauty and it has several tourist attractions like,

Botanical Garden, Doddabetta Peak, Ooty lake, Kalhatti Falls, Shooting Point

 a popular place for Bollywood Shoots, Pykara Lake a scenic attraction,

St. Stephen Church – an oldest Church, Wax World Museum attraction

for kids, Avalanche Lake – feel the nature, Mudumalai National Park –

A beautiful Reaerve, Emerald Lake – Off Centre Paradise, Catherine Falls – An Attractive Spot, Ooty Golf Couse –

For A Superb experience, Ooty Boat House –

For A Pleasant Afternoon, Toda Huts – Fascinate & Unusual, Droog Fort –

Not To Be Missed, Halashana Waterfall’s – Enjoy Spill Waterfall, Laws Fall’s –

A Stun Allure, Pine forest, Trip To Coonoor – A Short Tour




The scenic beauty of a Government  Botanical garden is must visit

in Ooty, its topography makes it a must visit.

this Garden is built in 1847 and spread in across 55 acres of land.

This Garden area is divided into diffent sections,

Like Lower Garden, New Garden, Italian Garden, Greenhouse, Fount Terrace

and Breeding Ground. Diversity of both initial plants, bush, brake, vegetative orchids

and more species are displayed here.

This place is really a best place for family & nature lovers trip.

Ooty Hills Botanical Garden

Location : Vanarapettai, Ooty, Tmil Nadu 643002

Main attractions : Cork Tree, its the only one species in India which makes

this garden famous, Paper Bark Tree, and Monkey Puzzle tree, even

the monkeys are unable to clip these trees.

Opening Time : Throughout the week 7: AM to 6:30 PM

Entry Fee : 30 Per Person For Adults, Rs 15 For per Kid, Rs 50 for Still Camera, Rs 100 for Video Camera.

Ooty Botanical Garden to Ooty Lake Distance is 6 Min 1.7 Km away


Rose Garden has more than 3600 of diversity of rose, and

this makes a important visit during sightseeing in Ooty.

This garden is honored by “Garden Of Excellence”

by World Federation Of Rose Society, There is no other rose garden

in India which is huge like it, as its spread in 10 acres.

Rose Garden Ooty Hills

Travelers visit this place to adore the natural species and

they buy sprout & Plants for their garden.

Location : Horticulture House, Elk Hilll Rd, Bombay Castel, Ooty, India, Tamil Nadu 643001

Main attractions : In this rose garden we find different species

of roses like Tea, Cactus, miniature , black & green roses.

Opening Time : Throughout the week 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM

Entry Fee: Rs 30 for per person and Rs 15 for per kid under 10 years of age.

Ooty Lake to rose Garden Distance is 10 Min 3.6 Km away.


Among all the popular scenic beauty list in Ooty,

keep Ooty lake preference in 2 day of your sightseeing.

The scenic beauty of pleasant Nigiris makes the lake in the middle of green valleys.

In Ooty Hill Station Tamil Nadu summer festival takes place in May and lot of exciting boat races are organized here.

as Ooty lake presents leisure for the travelers while doing boating in this lake.

Ooty Lake

Location : Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Main Attractions : Here traveler gets diverse kind

of boats like pedal ,motor ,row boating and small toy train.

Ooty lake is famous for its exciting boating races and row boating too.

Opening Time : Throughout the week 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Entry Fee : Rs 13 Per Person for Indian and Rs 560 for overseas travelers.

Boating Price : Rs 260 for 4 seater pedal boat for 30 Min.

Ooty Lake to Botanical Garden Distance is 6 Min 1.7 Km away.


This lake is fizzy lake which is in the middle of green Nilgiri valleys.

There is roaring waterfall which goes with the same reflection.

If you live near by Ooty Hill Station area then you can cover this sightseeing

by car, bus and by local private taxis also. Generally people trek up

to the waterfall and enjoy the boating with its scenic beauty.

Pykara Lake

Location : Pykara, Ooty, Tamil Nadu 643237

Main Attractions : There are boathouses who provides numerous kind of boating.

Opening Time : Throughout the week 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Boating Charges : 770 plus taxes for 8 seater boat, ride will be 20 Min.

Pykara Lake Distance from Ooty is 40 Min 22.2 Km away.


This tourist place offer you the most awesome views of the huge peak

of Nilgiri – Doddabetta Peak is a bracing and captivate hike for us.

Beside the peak one can really enjoy the beautiful adjoining, thick forests

and magnificent view of Ooty. Trekker usually love this place

Although the pleasant weather of Ooty make travelers to visit throught out

the year but still, Doddabetta peak best time time to visit is between October to January.

Doddabetta Peak for Trekking

Doddabetta is the highest peak in Nilgiri mountains at 2,637 meters.

Main Attractions : There is telescope hut for a stunning view of the Doddabetta  peak in Nilgiri.

Opening Hours : Throughout the week 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Entry Fee : For adults its Rs 6 per person, no ticket for kids below 5 yrs, Rs 10 for still camera and Rs 50 for video camera.



Shooting point is also named as 9th Mile. It has

a big jungle with full of lush green fields between them.

This place presents shot for horse riding and a enjoyable nature walk.

There is a lot of Bollywood movie shooting has been done here.

the scenic beauty and weather made it popular tourist dentation, Consequently it got the name “Shooting Point”.

Shooting point Bollywood

Main Attraction : Horse riding & Movie Shooting points

Timings : throughtout the week 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Entry Fee : No Fees

Shooting Point To Ooty Distance is 24 Min 14.3 Km away

Best Time To Visit Shooting Point is between December to April when the weather needs to be cool and dry.


St Stephen Church, Ooty is one of the old architectonic wonder which British left for us.

This old church belongs to 19th century, this church was built to accord the birthday of King George IV.

Those who are very curious for history should definately come to this church and quench their interest.

St. Stephen Church old architecture of British

Travelers should be sure that they include St Stephen Church in their, Ooty best tourist place checklist

as without this your tour will be incomplete.

Main Attraction : Very attractive Sketch of last feast

Entry Fee : Its Free

Timings : Monday to Friday 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM, Sunday its closed.

St. Stephen’s Church address is Club road, Ooty, Tamil Nadu,643001, India.


In Ooty this museum is  130 year old primitive manor and best place

to visit along with the kids. its just 2Km away from the main city.

this wax world museum holds attractive carving of Indian freedom Fighters

like Mahatma Gandhi, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Gopal krishna Gokhale and many more fighters.

The museum also has dummy of some popular famous personalities

like Mother teresa, Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. this toursit place is near by

to various food joints which help you to have some quick snacks while doing your tour.

Museum include wax sculpture showing the local people, ways of life and the old constructed house.

Wax world museum

Although it doesn’t come under government holding still

this well maintained museum comes into travelers attraction list.

Location : Vannarapettai, Nilgiris, SH-15, Ooty Kothagri Coonoor Rd, Ooty, Ooty, 643001

Main Attraction : Sculpture of Famous personalities.

Opening Time : 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Entry Fee : Rs 20 Per Person, Rs 30 For still camera.

World Wax Museum Distance from Ooty is 8 Min 3.3 Km.


This Ooty hill station Tamil Nadu is fully adjoining  with mountains and covered

by blossom flowers, Avalanche lake tourist attraction is away from all buzzing traffic.

this tourist place is ferfect for family short trip packages.

If you are thinking about the name of lake comes through from a avalanche,

its not the truth because this name is unsuitably applied,

this lake was formed due to heavy landslide. you will find a lot

of flower varieties around the lake but the main variety of flower

is magnolias and rhododendrons flowers all around the lake.

Avalanche Lake

Waterfalls coming down from the near by mountain

and getting addition to the beauty of this existing entice landscape.

Avalaunche lake is one of the closest attraction in Ooty

for the travelers & adventure lovers, the travelers who loves

the nature and open sky for star gazing,

for them its the best place to spend

a night  as there is a  provisions for pitching tents

Opening Time : 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM throughout the week

Entry Fee :  Free

Avalanche Lake Distance from Ooty is 53 Min 21.4 Km away.


Once you go to this attraction you will find that god is great

who created this amazing place. its advice from the travelers,

that while roaming this place take care from the wild species

in this region. Folk stories says that Rishi Agastya used to stay at this place.

You will find different variation of Plants & vegetation adjoining

the waterfalls.  the travelers who are fond of nature can

go deep into the forest and explore the unexplored things.

But advise is not to go so interior in this forest as their are water grounds

for the wild species which can be harmful for the travelers if they attack.

Kalhatti Waterfall's

its not good enough to visit this waterfalls at the monsoon time as the water from

the mountains is really uncertain and if come  can take you to the lower water levels.

Best time to visit this hill station is September and November ending

of monsoon time and the beginning of winters, don’t forget to  carry woolen clothes with you

Opening Time : 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM all over the week

Entrance Fee : Its Free

Ooty To Kalhatti Waterfalls Distance is 43 Min 21.3 Km away.


The Mudumalai National Park is one of the first jungle place declared

as a National Park which situated in the Nilgiri area in

the borderline of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

This Park lies between Ooty and Mysore road way, so this place has entry from both

the routes either from Ooty or from Mysore. Lately this National park announce

as a Tiger Reserve due to the appearance of 50 tigers.

This Mudumalai National Park is really

the most condemning environment friendly in the country.

In north the national park like Bandipur & Nagarhole, in south Wayand Fauna Reserve between

this preserve we have more than 500 breeds of animals, birds, and reptiles.

This place is really a fantastic place for a nature lover.

Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

The best time to visit Ooty Hill Station Tamil Nadu,f is starting of summer or ending the monsoon.

Location : National Highway 67,Guudalur, Gudalur, Devarshola, Tamil Nadu, 643223

Opening Time: Throughout the week 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Entry Fees: Rs 30 Per Person, if carrying still camera the 53 Rs extra and 315 Rs for video camera

Mudumalai National Park Jeep safari charges are Rs 4200/- per trip

Ooty To Mudumalai National Park distance is 1 Hr. 40 Min (53.6 Km)


Escape the group and head to this unique heaven situated

in the green slopes and tea nurseries of Ooty locale.

This spot is a simple 17 km away from the principle city of Ooty

and has the bluest waters you’ll at any point have seen.

You can decide to sit on the banks or go paddling in this unblemished

and absolutely immaculate lake with the Nilgiri slants and the thick backwoods in the scenery

Emerald Lake at Ooty Hill Station

that will cause you to feel like you’re floating in paradise! You can likewise decide

to remain at the close by Red Hill Nature Resort and go traveling at this spot.

Location: Emerald Village, Ooty, Tamil Nadu, 623704, India

Timings: All over the week 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Entry Fee: No Entry Fee

Emerald Lake Distance From Ooty is 42 Min (19.3 Km)


This is among the most celebrated places in Ooty and furthermore its generally wonderful.

Catherine Falls is fairly a twofold falling cascade wrapped up Kotagiri over

the Mettupalayam parkway that branches off at Aravenu.

It is the second greatest cascade in the Nigiri’s just as one of Ooty’s most delightful spots.

It’s basically the River Kallar that falls down and frames

this wonderful exhibition of nature called the Catherine Falls. Indeed,

Catherine Waterfall's at Ooty Hill Station

it is perhaps the most exceptional falls since it is encircled

by stunning tea manors rather than the common woods and slopes.

Location: Mettupalayam Rd, 8 Km from Kotagiri, Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, 643217

Timings: 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM all over the week

Entry Fee: No Fee

Catherine Falls To Ooty Distance is 1 Hr. 19 Min, (38.1 Km)


Despite the fact that it’s at a similar spot as the popular Ooty Lake,

the boat storage compensates for an energizing vacation destination in itself.

The Ooty Boathouse is among the best Ooty attractions for the individuals who

are looking for a quiet, tranquil evening or wish to zest up their day with some experience and rush.

The boat shelter is the ideal excursion for families with kids since it offers such a lot of energy and fun.

It’s additionally an extraordinary spot for the individuals who wish

to get clicked before the picturesque Ooty Lake with their friends and family.

Ooty house boat for travelers and for newly married couple, honeymoon house boat

We have distinctive boat storage for recently wedded couple only inverse

to principle boat storage, its make a fascination for recently couples moreover

An absolute necessity visit objective for honeymooners

and couples hoping to revive their sentiment,

the Ooty Honeymoon Boat House offers a charming environment alongside the tranquility and quietness.

It is an intriguing objective to unwind and revive and has all that you require

to make your Ooty visit a paramount one.

In contrast to different places in Ooty, it is moderately less swarmed.

Location: No.2 North Lake Rd, Ooty, Tamil nadu, 643001, India

Timings: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM all over the week

Entry Fee: Rs 15 Per Person

Ooty To Boat House Distance is 5 Min (2.1 Km) away


Toda Huts: Quite possibly the most entrancing spots to see in ooty, Toda cabins

are the kindness of the Toda ancestral local area in the Western Ghats.

The inquisitive constructions of the cabins will provoke your curiosity barely enough

to design a visit. The enchanting little cottages set in the setting

of lavish vegetation will knock your socks off away. Remember

to take amazing photos of the landscape. While you are there, attempt

to become familiar with the way of life and culture of the local area

Toda cabins are interested constructions, typically with no windows and

in a semi barrel shape. You need to stoop inside

the cottage however can figure out how to stand upstanding once inside.

Toda Huts Primitive Village customs at Ooty Hill Station

Toda life spins around their cows since dairy cultivating and dairy items

are their fundamental if by all account not the only wellspring of occupation.

Profoundly strict the Toda populace is waning in numbers principally because

of the outward movement of the later ages looking for better work.

Location: Vannarapettaii, Ooty, Tamil Nadu, 643002

Timings: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM all over the week

Entry Fee: No Entry Fee


This fort is little bit away from the Ooty but still it’s the best place to seen ever in Ooty.

This fort was constructed in 18th century and it was used by Tipu Sultan as his post.

At current time this place has not much importance

but simultaneously we should not forget its important in our ancient time.

This fort was the post of Tipu Sultan at his time

Birdwatcher travelers can enjoy and have glimpse of migratory birds coming

in season over here, as Droog fort Ooty Hill Station Tamil Nadu is on top hill

so coming over here will be also a good hiking exercise.

Location: Droog Fort, Coonoor, Tamil Nadu 643103

Entry Fee: No Entry Fee

Timings: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM all over the week

Droog Fort Distance From Ooty is 56 Min, (24.6 Km) away


If you are crazy about Bollywood, then surely you will notice this place in

a lot of movies and in video songs, as

this place is renowned by Pine Forest shooting Point also.

 There are lot of evergreen pine trees and having very compact way that took

it one step ahead into a small forest zone, which attract travelers for exploring the nature.

beautiful place, Movies and video songs shooting spot at Ooty Hill Station

Once you are here don’t forget to carry camera handy as this place gives you a comeliness view.

Location: Nagapattinaam – Coimbatore – Gundlupet Highway, Tamil Nadu, 643005

Entry Fee: Its Free

Timings: Open for 24 Hrs.

Ooty To Pine Forest Distance is 14 Min, (7.8 Km) away


If you are fond of traveling and started your tour with various destination

then plan a trip to Coonoor as its full of hills

and landscapes which can be covered by short term drive from Ooty

Day trip to Coonoor from Ooty Hill Station

This hill station is search mostly after completing the Ooty Hill Station Tamil Nadu Tour.

It’s a small getaway which take you to a closely totally different level however

take you socially far away from Ooty for a new experience

Timings: Open for 24 Hrs.

Entry Fee: Free

Coonoor Distance From Ooty is 37 Min, (20.2 Km) away


How To reach Ooty

Ooty Hill Station Tamil Nadu is easily accessible via all transportation mode

like Train, Bus, Taxi and by air, nearest Ooty airport is Coimbatore.

How to reach Ooty from Delhi, there is no direct transport facility too reach Ooty from New Delhi, the economic way to reach Ooty from Delhi is Train to Chennai Central, Bus take at least 64 hr. to reach Ooty from Delhi and the most convenient fastest way to reach Ooty from New Delhi is flight to Coimbatore International Airport from their you can take taxi to Ooty it will take 5 hr. to reach

Ooty’s Weather

Ooty Hill Station Tamil Nadu has a fascinating climate all over the year due to its location.

But winters are little bit colder than its usual for South India.

As we can see the British culture and architecture in Ooty although many visitors

have noticed the similarity of picturesque English village.

Ooty Weather

The British ruler was so impressed with the scenic beauty

and weather of this place that they named it Queen of Hill Stations.

This place was blessing for them as the Britishers were unable

to bear the hot and humid climate like other areas in South India.

The British Company was so into it that they took all

the charge of Ooty development and started growing tea leaves, teakwood and  Bark tree (Cinchona)

Many tea & coffee plantations are still in an around the Ooty.

Ooty Best Time To Visit

Although Ooty weather is pleasant around the year but

still summers are the best time to visit between March to June.

The Departed Story Of Ooty

Ooty, old beauty is still unmatched even though in this days.

When you roam around the Ooty you feel that you have been come

to primitive days while seeing the designs of the buildings.

It reminds us the past era which has gone by. Ooty got his charm

when British came India and moreover in past two centuries this area has meant different history.

For the current world Ooty history begins mainly when the British soldier starts settling in

this tropical land area. The big impact on the British was that

if anyone who enters the town was easily visible to them, so the security point

of view is also remarkable for British soldiers.

All building & house construction are similar to British age.

The ethnic execution of the British lives was extremely fixed to the local people

of the place disregarding their pious beliefs. The local people were so deeply involved with

the British that their local dish has also now mixed with English herbs and Indian masalas.

The British guidance and local people diligent helped Ooty City

to attain his success which today travelers enjoy. We can’t say that Ooty Hill Station doesn’t has

its historical background significance in the evolution of India.


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