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Bhimtal Lake, perhaps the most well-known lake in India, is situated in Bhimtal and there are numerous places to visit in Bhimtal, it is the north Indian province of Uttrakhand. An island at the focal point of the Lake is a popular vacation destination and furthermore houses an aquarium with an assortment of fish animal types and a sanctuary.

In the Kumaon area, which is otherwise called the Lake region of India, the Bhimtal Lake is the biggest lake and supplies drinking water to the town and supports hydroponics in the district. Today, the lake has been opened for sightseers and has an assortment of exercises in and around the lake.

Morning strolls are particularly prescribed for individuals who need to keep away from the vacationer swarm. The peaceful climate of the lake makes certain to make you need to return over and over.

The Bhimtal Lake is situated at a rise of more than 4500 feet, in the Nanital locale of Uttrakhand. It is a ‘C’ moulded lake that grows over a space of 47 hectares. During certain months in a year, the generally clear lake water becomes brown because of the implanted animalcule. Local people accept that solely after the lake guarantees a casualty does the earthy coloured tone vanishes, and the water turns out to be clear once more.

Places to visit in Bhimtal. Boating at Bhimtal.

The environmental elements of the Bhimtal Lake are all around kept up with and clean contributing a wonderful encounter to everybody visiting it. One can go drifting or go for a long stroll along the banks and feed the ducks during daybreak or nightfall. The energy, completely quiet and peaceful, will entrance you as you wrap up a bustling excursion day plan at the lake.

Story Behind Bhimtal – The Lake and the town are named after Bhīma, one of the Pandavas of the Mahabharata. He is said to have visited this spot. The dam was worked in 1883 under the British Raj after the Anglo-Nepal war. Raja Baj Bahadur Chand of Kumaon Kingdom fabricated a sanctuary on the banks of the dam here in the seventeenth century.



Drifting in the quiet waters of Bhimtal Lake is one action that ought to be capable by everyone. The all-encompassing perspective on the thick woodlands and the shining waters of the lake under clear blue skies are a sight to kick the bucket for. There are places to visit in Bhimtal but boating makes your tour complete.

Drifting is the best way to arrive at the little island in the focal point of the lake that houses the well-known Bhimtal Aquarium. Pedal drifting is a great way of investigating the lake for couples and families. There are arrangements for paddling and kayaking too for investigating the superb Lake waters solo.

Boating at Bhimtal timings 09:00 AM and 06:00 PM; costs start from INR 150 for every individual


The Bhimtal Lake Aquarium is amidst the unblemished waters of the Bhimtal Lake on a small island. The aquarium has around 12 huge tanks and is home to an assortment of fishes.

 It is an ideal excursion objective in the hypnotizing valley of Bhimtal. Travellers can take a boat ride and can wait at the Bhimtal Lake Island to see the fishes in the aquarium. A few types of fish have been brought from Mexico, China and South Africa.

Bhimtal Lake Aquarium

The cost is INR 60 for each individual and is open for guests from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM consistently.


The Bhimtal Lake dam was worked in 1883 under the British Raj after the Anglo-Nepal war. Raja Baj Bahadur Chand of Kumaon Kingdom constructed a sanctuary on the banks of the dam here in the seventeenth century. The huge dam is a brickwork structure that stands more than 14 meters tall and has a length of 150 meters.

Places to visit in Bhimtal, Bhimtal Lake Dam

It has 12 entryways intended to permit flood release of 45 cubic meters square. Stream Ganga is the bowl space of this lake. The Bhimtal Dam was at first worked for irrigational purposes, yet presently it is significant to give drinking water to the populace living in the locale.


Situated on the Nainital-Haldwani course, Hanuman Garhi is a popular sanctuary devoted to Lord Hanuman. Roosted at 6,401 ft. high, the sanctuary was worked by a neighbourhood holy person Baba Neem Karoli in 1950 and is found near Ashram of Bapu Lila Sah and Shitla Devi sanctuary. The symbol of Lord Hanuman is depicted as dividing his chest, portraying that Lord Ram lives in his heart.

Hanuman Garhi in Bhimtal. Places to visit in Bhimtal

The perspective on the ruddy sky during nightfall and dawn is the thing that draws vacationers to Hanuman Garhi. Since it is a Lord Hanuman Temple, there is a crowd of lovers on Tuesday and Saturday.


Victoria Dam, one of the most stunning sights in Bhimtal is situated on the bank of Bhimtal Lake. The most alluring thing about this dam is the blossom gardens on either side that makes the spot look very enchanting.

Victoria Dam at Bhimtal Lake. Places to visit in Bhimtal

This 40 ft. high dam draws in sightseers in enormous number and one can likewise take a walk around the backwoods that limits the lake.


A lovely slope found only 5 km from Bhimtal gets its name from the Hidimba, spouse of Bhīma of Mahabharata. This slope additionally houses an untamed life refuge called Vankhandi Ashram, a territory created by Vankhnadi Maharaj, a preservationist and priest who lives there.


There are a lot of places to visit in Bhimtal but unless you shop your tour not going to complete. Bhimtal isn’t by and large shopping heaven however offers numerous trinkets to reclaim home. Gems, wood creates, floor coverings, sculptures, Garhwali compositions and high-quality candles are a portion of the choices to shop from.

Shopping at Bhimtal, Places to visit in Bhimtal

On the off chance that you truly need to shop, it’s ideal to go to Nainital.


1. Fishing in the lake requires authorization from Deputy Commissioner.

2. There are booths selling road food around the lake region.

3. The environment could get cold in the early hours of the evening, conveying sufficient comfortable apparel.

4. Stay away from exercises that contaminate the lake water and the environmental elements.

5. Visit the lake promptly toward the beginning of the day if you wish to stay away from the group during top seasons.

Activities at Bhimtal

Trekking: The Bhimtal Lake is encircled by thick woods with various travelling trails around the lake. The perspective on the beautiful valleys and the peaceful lake from a good ways merits journeying for.

Activities to do in Bhimtal

Paragliding: Just around 4 kilometres from Bhimtal Lake is Naukuchiatal where experience monstrosities can go paragliding to get a 10,000 foot perspective of the entrancing view.

Cycling or Mountain Biking: Visitors can burn through the environmental factors of Bhimtal Lake to investigate the excellent view.

Water ball: This is a movement like Zorbing, yet just done on the water. Guests should encounter strolling or run on the outer layer of the water in one of these water balls.

Pony Riding: The Bara Pathar course in Bhimtal is a favoured course for horse riding. Ponies can be leased on an hourly premise to investigate the excellent path around Bhimtal Lake.

How to reach Bhimtal

One can head to the wonderful Bhimtal Lake by private or public vehicles inside Bhimtal from any piece of the town.

The closest rail route station is the Kathgodam Railway Station which is situated a good ways off of around 25 kilometres from Bhimtal Lake. One can use public transport to reach his destination to Bhimtal Lake. The nearest airport is the Pantnagar Airport. Guests can profit taxis from the air terminal to drive down to Bhimtal Lake.

Bhimtal to Nainital

The distance between Bhimtal to Nainital is only 21 Km via road and it’s a 45 Min to 1 Hour drive to reach Nainital. The nearest airport to Bhimtal and Nainital is Pantnagar. The nearest railway station for Bhimtal is Kathgodam (KGM) and for Nainital closest railway station is Pirumadara (PRM). Once the traveller is over with the places to visit in Bhimtal then he can move to nearby destinations like Nainital, Almora, Auli and so on.

Hotels Nearby Bhimtal

The Rosefinch Sarovar Portico, Neelesh Inn, Rosewood Retreat, Treebo Trends Spring Birds, Aqua De Vida Resort and Hotel Avlokan along with these hotels travellers can find budgeted Oyo rooms or Hotels.

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