Travel Tips during COVID 19 – Destinations and Precautions

Travel Tips During Covid – The vaccination is out but the virus is not going to vanish overnight. It is here to stay and we should now learn to live with it but away from it.

Man is social animal and travel is an essential part of our lives and

one cannot stay isolated for long as it may lead to other mental implications which can have lasting impressions on us.

But now what do? Where to travel? Has the pandemic has impacted the cost of travel?

What all precautions to take before, after and travel? I will answering all your queries!!

Let me share some of my personal experiences of mine where I had to travel ,some because of my work, some for family engagements

or some for my leisure Mann ki shanti trips I continued my travel expedition regularly .Did covid affect me ? The answer is YES it did.

No doubt the cost increased as per the regular travels which I used to do pre pandemic so if you are planning for travel be ready to spend more.

The transportation cost have increased, the severely hit hotel industry are charging little higher and one should not forget the RT PCR test costs at

various entry exit points for some locations but even after spending extra I did not regret to travel as the happiness was immense. So folks!!!

Tip no 1  –

Start saving as you will ending up spend more.

Tip no 2 :

Do not ignore you and your  family’s health symptoms before travel even the slightest headache at this time should not be ignored

.Our body is vulnerable to diseases and a weak body is a welcoming host for this virus, so I suggest plan travel during this time should be well planned and should not be sudden.

Tip no 3:

If you travelling do a destination where RTPCR test is needed like DUBAI or MALDIVES it is advised to visit the official website and

take necessary details and clarifications as there might be a possibility that the rules might change or have changed which you weren’t aware of

,Let me tell you during my travel to Dubai in January that some of my co passengers were stopped by the flight people

as some did not have necessary insurance or for a simple stamp on their RT PCR test so the best is BE AWARE!!

Tip no 4:

Do not get scared! I travelled to 5 destinations both domestic and international and one thing I realised is DARNA NHI HAI (Do not get scared!)

just take necessary precautions like washing hands, regular baths after are you are back for sightseeing and wearing a mask.

Oh yes Mask it is very important to use disposable masks or wash your masks frequently so do carry extra cloth masks in your handy bag.

Tip no 5:

Explore the unexplored –This is golden time where you can try for some offbeat travel destinations, the crowd will be less and the experience will be of a life time.

Some such suggested destinations can be Nahan,Kausani, ,places with enchanting heritage properties especially in Rajasthan etc.

So my Ghoomakards!!! It is time to pack and plan your next travel and as it is said

when the going gets tough the tough gets going show the virus that we are tougher than him both mentally and physically .

If you have any queries or need personalised travel tips feel free to comment below

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