Badkhal Lake History – It was built soon after the country got Independence in 1947 to facilitate water supply to the nearby farms.

In 1972, the Haryana government built a Badkhal resort Resort off the lake,

which was a major tourist attraction during the ’70s through to the ’90s.

It was a natural lake situated in Badkhal village near Faridabad,

in the Indian state of Haryana, about 32 kilometres from the national capital of Delhi.

Surrounded by the hills of the Aravalli Range, this was a man-made embankment.

Lake green area

Owing to unchecked mining in neighbouring areas,

the lake began drying up two decades back and is now totally dried up.

There are functional Haryana tourism corporation restaurants in the vicinity.

A flower show is held every spring here. Its name is most probably derived from

the Persian word beydakhal, which means free from interference.

an close to this Lake is Peacock Lake. It is a biodiversity area within

the Northern Aravalli leopard wildlife corridor stretching from Sariska Tiger Reserve to Delhi.

water in lake

Historical places around the lake include the 10th-century ancient Surajkund reservoir (15 km north)

and Anangpur Dam (16 km north), the similarly dried up

Damdama Lake, Tughlaqabad fort, Adiland ruins and the Temple.

There are several dozen lakes formed in the abandoned open-pit mines in and around the sanctuary.

It is contiguous to the seasonal waterfalls in pali- Dauj- Kot – Villages of Faridabad,

the sacred Manager Bani hill forest and the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary.

Baba Farid’s tomb, Camp Dauj Lake, Sri Shirdi Sai Baba temple, Raja Nagar Singh fort, Surajkund

Badkhal lake resort surrounding area

If I say there is no water in the lake then why would you go?

This Lake Faridabad is completely dry. We are talking about Badkhal lake at Badkhal village near Faridabad.

But I sat you should visit because it’s totally dried up. You won’t found anyone here except locals, before exploring

this place you should not forget to carry enough water and food for the trip.

 Badkhal lake Resort

 Hotels nearby Badkhal lake tourist resort 

Vivanta Surajkund NCR, Radisson Blu Faridabad, Park Plaza Faridabad

How to reach – 

There are various options to reach destination Via – Taxi,

Badkhal lake nearest metro will be Badarpur station and a rail option is also available.

Badkhal Lake Resort Faridabad Contact Number: 01234586854



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