History of Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is a mainstream public park in India. Situated

in Sultanpur town, Farukhnagar, Gurugram region in Haryana state.

As Sultanpur town is found 40 km from Dhaula Kuan in Delhi

and 15 km from Gurugram city on the Gurugram – Jhajjar thruway.

This bird safe-haven, ideal for birding and bird lookers, is best visited

in winters when numerous transitory birds come here.

The Haryana Tourism has completed various improvement works

at Sultanpur Sanctuary like the development of hills, augmenting of ways, experience

is stupendous and you’ll find limitless beautiful style and appeal.

and burrowing four-cylinder wells. Endeavours are being made

to improve vegetation nearby by planting more trees, which are well known

with the birds like ficus spp. Acacia Nilotica, Acacia Tortilis, Beris and Neem.

although this Bird Sanctuary is famous for  around 1,800 transitory bird species

out of absolute roughly 9,000-10,000 types of birds on the planet,

almost 3,000 species relocate to India because

of occasional changes, including 175 significant distance movement species that utilization

the Central Asian Flyway course which additionally incorporates

Amur hawks, Egyptian vultures, plovers, ducks, storks, ibises, flamingos, jacanas, pochards and amiable lapwing.

Among these, roughly 250 types of Birds are found at Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary In Gurgaon.

roughly 250 types of Birds are found at Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary In Gurgaon.

A portion of the inhabitant birds are basic

hoopoe, paddy field pipit, purple sunbird, little cormorant, pigeons, Indian myna, Eurasian thick-knee, dark francolin,

a dark francolin, Indian roller, white-throated kingfisher, spot charged duck,

painted stork, white ibis, dark-headed ibis, little egret,

incredible egret steers egret, and India peaked songbird and

Sultanpur bird sanctuary in Gurgaon excess of 100 transitory bird species

Consistently in excess of 100 transitory bird species show up at Sultanpur looking

for taking care of grounds and to pass the colder time of year.

In winter, the safe-haven gives a pleasant scene of transitory birds,

for example, Siberian cranes, more prominent flamingo, ruff, dark-winged brace,

but normal greenish-blue, basic greenshank,

northern pintail, yellow wagtail, white wagtail, northern shoveller, blushing pelican.

Sultanpur Bird sanctuary in Gurgaon, Flamingo birds best pic

Climate – 

The Bird Sanctuary area, ideal for birding and bird watchers,

is best visited in winters when countless transitory birds come here.

Sultanpur has the run of mill North Indian environment

of brutal summers (up to 46 °C) and cold winters (low of up to 9 °C). The blustery season

is short, from July to the furthest limit of August.

Conveniences – 

The recreation centre is a famous outing spot for inhabitants

of New Delhi and the NCR (National Capital Region),

a particularly throughout the colder time of year relocation months when

a huge number of birds visit here from across the globe.

There is a room committed to the memory of Dr. Salim Ali, which contains

his bust, photos, reviews, and a portion of his belongings.

The recreation centre is 50 kilometres (31 mi) from Delhi and 15 kilometres (9.3 mi)

from Gurgaon master Drona charya on the Gurgaon – Farukh Nagar Road.

Sultapur Bird Sanctuary In Guragon, Mother bird taking care of chicks

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary best time to visit is the cold weather

a long time from January to the main seven day stretch of March.

How to Reach From Delhi at Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary In Gurgaon

  1. By Air. The closest air terminal is Indira Gandhi International Airport a ways off 48 km from Sultanpur bird safe-haven.
  1. By Train. The closest rail is Gurgaon Junction.
  2. By Road. State-claimed transport administrations are accessible from Delhi to Gurgaon (15 km)

Hotels near Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Golden Tulip Suites Gurgaon, Hyatt Regency Gurgaon, Heritage Village Resort & Spa, Holiday Inn Gurugram, Aapno Ghar Resort and Fortune Park.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary Contact Number is +91- 124- 2015670

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