Tawang in Arunchal Pradesh

Where is Tawang in India, the small place is situated between eastern Himalayan ranges, it is well known due to its four hundred old cloister.

This cloister is very famous as it’s the biggest cloister for Buddhists which seems to be found in India and a very vital place for the fans of Buddhism.



This small town Tawang is situated in the northwestern part of the state Arunachal Pradesh, This state is located in the northeastern part of India. It’s just head-to-head with Country Bhutan boundary

It’s situated at the elevated height of ten thousand ft. from sea level connecting borders with Tibet in the North.

The climate of Tawang is mountainous due to it, summers are very tiny (April to June) opposite to

it winters are too cold (Nov to Feb) Rainy season is very limited between July to Sep, Heavy Rainfall takes place in Dec to Jan.


The inception of Tawang was not well known by the people. In early times it was considered as a part of the Tibet dynasty in the middle ages. Local tribal ruled this place from time to time.

The British announced this area as off-limits in 1873, when India got freedom then surrounding places of Tawang was having non-consent between India and China.

China invaded Tawang in 1962 but after some time due to some political reason they withdrew it.

According to a myth, this place was named after a Horse that belonged to Merag Lama Lodge Gyamsto, Merag Lama was looking

for a place to establish the monastery but he wasn’t able to find a suitable place so he remembered God and sought his assistance,

Finally, after some time he opened his eyes and found that his Horse was missing, after searching a lot he found his horse on the top of a cliff.

He accepted the verdict of God and kept the name of the place Tawang. This place is famous for its natural and scenic beauty which is a visual delight to all the visitors.


This place has average weather most of the months of the year, the best time to visit this place is between June and October


There are a lot of scenic beauty attractions in Tawang where visitors come frequently along with that they visit monasteries, Peak and waterfalls.

The major interesting places of Tawang are Tawang Monastery (also known as Golden Namgyal Lhatse) The Sela Pass and many other waterfall attractions which are well-renowned spots for Bollywood movies

The monastery is 2km away from the centre of the town, Tawang gives an extensive view of the eastern Himalayas to the travellers and this place is fit for trekking and hiking

The travellers who are fond of nature and really want to enjoy nature closely are most welcome here.


The Famous Tibetan festival of Losar which is considered to be a New Year festival is celebrated in the late month of Feb and in the early month of March with great gravity and happiness

Losar new year festival

Another festival is Torgya which is highly celebrated every year in the month of the lunar calendar which usually comes in January Month.

Torgya festival

Another Famous festival is Choekar which is pious julus celebrated by the entire local community to give protection towards their better crop and to keep away evil from their crops

Choekar festival to protect their crops


Tawang is situated in remote areas of India and it doesn’t have its own Airport and Railway station, it is well connected by roads with the other town of Arunachal Pradesh

and Assam through Bomdila. Travellers can reach Tawang from Tezpur in Assam through local transport Bus or Jeep, it takes 12 hours to reach the destination

Via flight or train travellers can come up to Guwahati and from there they can opt for local transport to reach the destination




Tawang Monastery is one of the famous and largest monasteries in India and the second largest in Asia. It’s a wonderful place to visit in Tawang by travellers along with the devotee of Buddhism.

This monastery is a pious place for Mahayana Buddhism, this monastery belongs to the local tribe called Gompa and holds three hundred monks. The monastery was discovered by Merak Lama Lodre in 1680-81 AD.

Tawang Monastery (also known as Golden Namgyal Lhatse) is situated at the elevated height of ten thousand ft. from sea level,

The major attraction of the monastery is twenty-eight feet high Lord Buddha murti and having an impressive three-storied gathering hall.

Famous and largest monastery of India

This monastery has a big library which has a treasure of primitive books and manuscripts which belong to the medieval age. The real-time to visit this monastery is at Losar festival time

Tawang Monastery Location: Cona, Tawang Monastery, Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh 790104

Tawang Monastery Timings: Monday to Saturday 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Sunday it remains close.

The contact number of Tawang Monastery is 03794222243


The Memorial was constructed to honour our martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the Indo-China war which was held in 1962. It’s a must-visit spot in Tawang,

where we see two thousand one hundred and forty brave soldiers fought for India and laid down their lives in the war.

In this memorial there are two halls where one is used for a museum and the next one is used for light and sound show,

this war memorial is situated in the army cantonment area and this place gives us a scenic view of town especially the monastery.

Memorial for martyr who laid down in Indo-China War

This Tawang war memorial construction is based upon Buddhist architectural design. The memorial also used Prayers flags, wheels, dragons, colourful serpents and many more elements are widely used to display its architectural elegance.

The best time to visit Tawang is in the summers where you have pleasant weather to walk and roam around the destinations. Timings for this memorial are from 7:45 AM to 6:00 PM throughout the week


If someone looking for heaven to visit then sela Mountain pass is the right place to visit which gives heavenly feelings to its visitors in abundance.

In the winter season this place is fully getting cover with white snow which gives a pleasant view to visitors, most of the months this place is covered with snow due to heavy snowfalls, which gives a captivating view throughout the year.

This area of the eastern Himalaya range has some special significance for Buddhists, it is considered that around this Sela Pass there are 101 lakes each lake has its special importance to the Buddhist community.

This Sela Pass has snowfall mostly throughout the year still open for the visitors until any landslide or snow shut down this pass for the short term.

The best time to visit Sela Pass is Sep-Oct for visitors who is interested to see lush green vegetation from Bhalukpong to Tawang,

Sela Pass in Tawang

but for snowfall, u need to visit this place in April as Nov to March weather became worst for visitors,

So if travellers looking to travel to Sela Pass in December then the weather over here is worst even death happen here due to dense snowfall.

If travellers looking to reach Sela Pass from Guwahati then the distance between Sela Pass and Guwahati is 365 Km it took at least 10 Hrs. to reach.

If travellers looking how to reach Sela Pass from Delhi by train then it’s not easy, as there is no rail connectivity within Arunachal Pradesh, moreover the nearest railway station

is Rangapara in Tezpur (Assam) connected with major metropolitan cities in India and it’s around 485 Km away from Tawang and Guwahati both the cities has regular bus connectivity.


Ladakh is situated at a very high altitude and has stored a lot of surprises within it.

Pangong Lake is established at the height of 4350m and it’s considered India’s highest saltwater lake, this lake is fully filled with blue-dyed water

Stand in stark contrast to the arid mountains surrounding it Pangong Tso Lake size is extended to 160 km and its one-third part falls

in India and two-third part falls in China, still, Pangong Tso lake dispute is running between the two countries

Pangong Lake is one of the most visited destinations in Ladakh, Pangong Tso Lake is located in Leh Ladakh and the origin of its name come

Pangong lake, blue water lake

from the Tibetan word Pangong Tso which stands for high grassland lake. One can spend time here in meditation but not enough for its beauty.

This lake tends to change colours in green, red and blue according to time, the beauty of this lake can’t be explained in words for the same you need to visit the place and should feel the essence of its beauty.

Pangong Lake to Tso Moriri Lake distance is between 300 to 350Km via Pangong Lake road.

Recently India has added surrounded area of Pangong Tso Lake to the Ramsar site which is considered to be a Tso Kar Wetland Complex.


This magnificent waterfall is Reign Tawang Region of Arunachal Pradesh and it is one of the most eye-catching destinations for travellers but unfortunately, it’s yet to be known to the visitors

This site is only 2Km away from the Jang area which connects Tawang and Bomdila by road.

Tawang, Bongbong Nuranang falls

Nuranang river starts from the northern part of Sela Pass, this river came to the public eye when one Bollywood movie song was shot over here.


Recycling Monastery is surrounded and covered with a Lush green pine grove and it’s 1km far away from the centre town Tawang.

This monastery was established by prior Rigya Rinpoche and after his death, the charge was taken by his subordinate Chang-Sey

The legend says that the reincarnation of Rigya Rinpoche, Rev. Tenzin Tsedhar is presently completing his education in south India

Regyaling Monpa

There is no entry fee for visiting the monastery and it opens from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, expected 2 hrs required for travellers to enjoy the destination fullest.

During November and February is the best time to visit this place as the climate become pleasant for visitors


This Gorsam Chorten is one of the famous stupas in this area, which is situated in Tawang town and it’s located in the centre of lush greenery of the state

This stupa is believed to be established in the early 12th century and built by Lama Pradhar a Monpa monk

This stupa is fully covered by Buddhism holiness which visitors feel when they step in the place

Gorsan Chorten Stupa

It has a semicircular round roof that rises high into the sky and keeps resting upon three-joined stone blocks

Four Mini stupas are also made on every corner of the lower terrace base, a furnished walking path has been built around the stupa for the pilgrim to do their prayer

The location of Gorsam Chorten is Cona, County, Zemithang, 790106


A courageous soldier Jaswant Singh Rawat who won the Mahavir Chakra posthumously as a result of his action during the battle

of Nuranang present in Arunachal Pradesh during the Sino Indian War known as Indo – China war also, He fought alone amazingly without taking a break for 72 hours with Chinese soldiers.

Jaswant Ghar is 21 km away from the Sela Pass when we come towards Tawang then we find his house on the way.

Jaswant sing Rawat Garh, who fought battle alone for 72 Hrs. with china in 1962

His house is kept well maintained for the visitors, who come here and give tribute to a soldier who can’t be forgotten by the nation.


The Taktsang Monastery is situated around 47 Km away from the Tawang city and it’s considered to be an old Monastery whose construction was done in the 8th century

The famous saint of the Taktsang monastery is further decorated with the story of Tenzin Rabgye who built the temple here in 9162

This Monastery is located on the top of the hill which is surrounded by lush greenery. The visitors coming here have an option to conduct a visit as Theerth Yatra where guru Padmasambhava has meditated

Tawang, Taktsang 8th century Monastery

The serene beauty of this place gives one a feeling of the great happiness of being alone

Taktsang monastery Entry Fee is 500 Ngultrum for all Non-Bhutanese visitors, not for the people who are travelling regularly package rate.

These people have to show their handy visa copy at the base point of the trek where ticket money has to be done


This lake is situated 43Km away from Tawang town and come into the origin of the 1950 earthquake.

This location is surrounded by lush greenery vegetation and it’s an ideal place for moviemakers to shot movie scenes

The Lake is also famous as Madhuri Lake after Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit shot a song from Movie Koyla,

This Tawang lake is  famous with the name of Bollywood Actress Madhuri Dixit.

The Best time to visit here is throughout the year but still, the summer months are the best to captivate this site.

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