There are a lot of Places To Visit In Rameshwaram And Dhanushkodi, Rameswaram is a seaside area which comes in Tamil Nadu, it’s situated on Pamban Island.

It is known to be a very famous area and it’s considered to be a Hindu pilgrimage spot.

Rameshwaram temple comes into Char Dhams of Hindus, so devotee of Lord Shiva; people come here from

all over the world every year to obtain Moksha on dying.

Places to visit in Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi is 
Rameshwaram Hindu's  Dham,

The Rameshwaram jyotirlinga is one of the most famous linga in the country.

Although there are lot of facts which a traveller should know prior to visiting this place.

This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and was built in the 17th century and the construction has been done

in Dravidian style and it’s very quiet and peaceful like another religious place.


The Devotee can get the darshan of Spatika lingam only during

the early morning time from 5:00 AM to 6:00 AM; you have to be in the queue

as early as 4:00 AM and then 12:00 Noon to 1:00 PM, If you want to

do some rituals pujas according to your customs it can be also done in a different time.

But for the Rameshwaram temple darshan timings, you should follow the above timings

The temple is one out of the 12 jyotirlinga temple, where devotees do puja of Shiva

in the form of Jyotirling.  Although Rameshwaram is a great place for an experience.

Places to visit in Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi is 
Lord Shiva Jyotirling

Being a religious place, there are other places also to visit who can make interest to non-devotee people,

as like amazing Museum, beautiful beaches, local food and shopping stalls and many more things

Apart from this if you can see Adam’s Bridge or Rameshwaram Bridge which

is known us to be as Ram Setu Bridge, according to our Hindu mythology

Lord Rama built this with the help of Vanar’s to get Sita from Raven’s Kingdom.

In fact, the word Rameshwara means the place where Eshwar puja done

by Lord Rama and this is how this place gets his name.

As Mythology believed that the Rameshwaram was the area

where Lord Rama marked to apologize about his immortality

and want to give self-punishment for killing Brahmin king Ravana. Lord Rama wanted

to construct the huge Shivalinga and for the same

he told Hanuman to get the linga from the Himalayas but unfortunately

it took time and meanwhile, Sita constructed

the Shivalinga and this linga are still kept in the Ramanathaswamy Temple.


Rameshwaram has an important role in Indian history while doing trading Business through other locations

This place was a halt for the traders to Sri Lanka whose earlier name was Ceylon.

History says that the Jaffna ruler took control

of this place and called themselves Sethukavalan and called the guardian of Rameshwaram.

The Khilji family of Delhi is also associated with the ancient time

of Rameshwaram The Malik Kafur who was the head

of Alauddin Khilji army also came to Rameshwaram and another kingdom army

couldn’t able to stop him, to show his arrival presence in

Rameshwaram built the Alia Al-Din Khalji mosque. In 16th century

this place came under the control of the Vijayanagara ruler

and till 1795 British East India Company comes into the rule of Rameshwaram.

The incursion into Rameshwaram daily culture still can be seen easily

and it reflects in their building planning also.




Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple is biggest reason to get more visitors to Rameshwaram.

Apart of this temple there are other temples too, but it’s a milestone

in the past of the town, the reason it’s located in the mid of Rameshwaram.

This temple belongs to Lord Shiva and every year Lord Shiva lover’s visit temple in lakhs;

The temple has respect due to its one of the twelve jyotirlingas in the nation. Devotees admire Lord Shiva

in this temple as a Jyotirling. His sculpture Puja is not done in these temples.

Places to visit in Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi is
Ramanathaswamy Temple

The temple is very old constructed by Pandya ruler’s in the 12th century, but after looking it

in the current time, it’s hard to believe it’s constructed century time.

The craft and the planning of the temple is a spectacle in themselves. We should not forget

the main reason; a hundred thousand Devotee’s reaching

this place every year consistently it’s just because of the Hindu religion.


This Bridge is also called as Rama Setu Bridge; this Bridge

was constructed with the help of Vanar’s army called

as intelligent warrior monkeys, led by the Nile and under the engineering direction

of Naal this bridge was constructed in Lanka in five days only.

These warriors assist Lord Rama to get Sita back from Ravan’s kingdom. Ram Setu is a historical bridge

that connects Rameshwaram Island or Pamban Island of India to the north-western coast of Sri Lanka.

This Bridge is actually a way, which is made up

of sedimentary rocks that gives connectivity between Indian Pamban Island

which is situated in South coast of Tamil Nadu and Mannar Island on North West coat of Sri Lanka.

Places to visit in Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi is
Adam's Bridge, Ram Setu

The scientists who work under Geology also have proven that this Adam’s Bridge was an actual track for Sri Lanka,

but due to natural calamities this sea has serrated now and called as Sea of the Bridge.

This Bridge is also connected with Christian mythology, which says that Adam crossed the bridge in order

to reach Adam’s mountain, which is located in Sri Lanka to and he did his atonement

by standing on one foot for several years, consequently it got his name.


The Pamban Bridge is huge and maximum area is constructed over the Indian Ocean,

The strong point of this bridge is, it’s a Bracket Bridge constructed in India over the sea.

The Bridge has the connection between Rameshwaram and rest of the country regions.

This Pamban Bridge length ranked second longest Bridge in the country measuring 2.3 Km.

This bridge was constructed under the supervision

of South Indian railway project. Government started the project of

this bridge in 1887 and was done in the year

1912 along with this bridge they made Neel Temple also which

has seven domes.  Government opened Rameshwaram Pamban Bridge in the year of December 1914

Places to visit in Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi is
Pamban Bridge, Rameshwaram

as Pamban Bridge story is a touching one, People has traditional father son story behind this like, a man offered

his only son to save ten hundred passenger life who were travelling in train over the bridge at that time.

The Pamban Bridge in Chennai Express Movie, few parts was filmed of this movie which released in 2013.

The Pamban Road Bridge is also called as Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge;

This Bridge has been reform to carry broad gauge trains by Indian Railways in 2007.

but visitors can see the bridge both the ways via road

or by train and have the fantastic view of the sea both the side.


The Dhanushkodi Beach in Rameshwaram is one of the most beautiful area in Rameshwaram

this attracts the huge visitors every year. Basically Dhanushkodi is

a small village but due to its beach it has taken an importance as a town.

There is a myth which says Ravan brother Vibhishan asked

the Lord Rama to break the Bridge and Lord Rama broke

the same with his Dhanush one end and this consequence follows as town names.

The position of Dhanushkodi beach in Tamil Nadu is

so impressive and enjoyable spot for capturing scenic beauty.

The sunrise and sunset is an eye catching for travelers. This beach is

so beautiful that it make visitors to come along with the family and

Places to visit in Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi is
Dhanushkodi Beach, Rameshwaram

people do sea surfing as well. Beach is so neat and clean that you can easily see the coral reefs in the water.

The sea shore is one of only a handful areas of interest that

the ghost town of Dhanushkodi. Being an entangled piece

of a town, accepted to be spooky, there are hypotheses views of individuals about

the fascination as the Dhanushkodi haunted beach.

Visitors believe that devotees’ going to Kashi has to come Dhanushkodi beach

for taking a bath to complete their pilgrimage Yatra.


The Five Faced Hanuman Temple Rameshwaram is a famous temple

in Rameshwaram the devotee who come Rameshwaram after

that they pay visit to Hanuman panch mukhi temple also

which is only 2km away from the Rameshwaram temple.

The idols of Lord Shri Rama, his paragon Mata Sita

and greatest devotee of Rama Hanuman has been placed in the temple,

These Paragon were led from Dhanushkodi to

this place at the time of the cyclone which took place in 1964

which ruin large space of Dhanushkodi village.  

There is a myth of this temple which make devotee very curious, that these idols have their souls inside,

this make devotee frequently to this temple. Another interesting fact is about the floating stone which

Places to visit in Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi is
Five Face Hanuman Known as Panchmukhi Mandir, Rameshwaram

is just outside the temple believed the same stone which was used in Ram Setu which was made

by Hanuman squad to reach Sri Lanka for rescuing Mata Sita from Ravan’s custody.

but few geniuses say, at this holy place Lord Hanuman disclose

the secret of his five faces. If someone wants to really enjoy

this place, then devotees should come here at time of Hanuman Jayanti festival.

The Rameshwaram past has a main significance in gigantic Ramayana,

Being a close devotee of Lord Rama, Hanuman temple cannot

be too far from his lord. Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple is also known as Five Face Hanuman Temple and

the Five face Hanuman temple distance is only 2 Km from his adorable Lord Rama.


The Temple construction was done under Pandya Kingdom,

The Hindu king Thanjavur Muthuveerappar and Ramnathapuram  “Lord of Sethu

 This temple is fully dedicated to Lord Shiva in Ramnathpuram area

of Tamil Nadu and it pulls lot of Vaishnavas each year

. This temple is so famous that we found some written source in the Hymns of Manikkavacakar,  

Uthirakosamangai temple festival is known as Arudra it takes place every year

in the month of December. Temple opening time is fix

Places to visit in Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi is
Uthirakosamangai Temple, Rameshwaram

as they has six routine rituals at different times

from 5:30 AM to 8:00 PM and has six yearly festivals every year.

The very aged Margatha Natarajar icon which poises the area of the temple,

this icon was basically made up of emerald, which makes it distinctive.


this temple is situated just 3 Km away from

the Ramanathaswamy temple, this temple has ancient holy pond which

has a powerful fact that Lord Rama has cleaned his hair

in this water after finishing of Ravana and rescued Sita back, Lord Rama

and Lord Hanuman grave image is also there which attract tourists from the country every year.

Places to visit in Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi is
Jada Theertham, Rameshwaram

If someone really wants to enjoy this place then come at the time of festivals of Ram Nawmi and Shivratri.


The Ariyaman beach is placed in between the southern coast of India

and Sri Lanka (Palk Bay) in Ramnathapuram area, Tamil Nadu.

This place attracts lot of visitors and local people

to the place for outing as only the main resource of enjoyment.

If we talk about the location of Ariyaman beach then it’s in Sattakkonvalasai, Tamil Nadu

The kushi Beach in Rameshwaram or Ariyaman Beach, both are

the same Beach, this beach is fully covered by she-oak trees and listed

as a calm & quite beaches of Tamil Nadu, if visitor

don’t visit this beach then you assume that your trip is incomplete,

The Ariyaman beach distance from Rameshwaram is only 24 Min away it took 37 Min to reach,

In weekends or the festival time the crowd of visitor and local cross 5k.

Places to visit in Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi is
Ariyaman Beach Known as Kushi Beach also

Ariyaman Beach in Rameshwaram offer a lot to its visitors

like for kids they have amusement park, people who are fond

of water for them Ariyaman beach water sports are available along with the windsurfing, boating

and water scooter etc. Ariyaman Beach of Ramanathapuram

offer traveler few more appealing things like aquatic museum

is nearby Travelers can have their peaceful stay with Ariyaman Beach resort or Kushi Beach Resort

, its situated in the middle of Ramanathapuram area close

to Ariyaman beach which has close proximity to Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi


Villoondi Theertham is considered to be the sure visit according to Hindu religion traditions.

This theertham comes under twenty four theertham.

This theertham origin when Lord Rama shoots an arrow into the sea

to get water for his better half Sita.  This well is

an outcome of giving strike for drinking water which has a wonderful taste

Moreover devotee comes to this place throughout the year and they bathe here to finish their sins.

This theertham is situated in Thangatchimadam area which is very near to Pamban.

Beside its pious effect the water body was too large to be noticed by the locals.

Places to visit in Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi is
Villoondi Theertham, Rameshwaram

In the year of 1979 few steps were got taken by the government to make

this water as a daily used water for the local people and

a structure was constructed, but due to the salt presence in the air leaving the local disappointed.

but Locals approached the government again to make a such structure for their water resource


This Agni the initial water body which

was situated just outside the temple of Ramanathaswamy.

This theertham is located at the corner of the sea, generally

the other theertham which are tank like are situated inside the temple.

But according to a mythology Lord Rama conquered at Ravana

and came to this sea place for taking a bathe. Lord Rama took

the blessing of God Shiva while washing himself at this sea area.

He was looking pardoning for killing a Brahmin.

Mythology says taking bathe in this theertham can clear your sins which you have done on earth

Places to visit in Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi is Agni Theertham, Rameshwaram

and people says journey to Rameshwaram is started after bathing

in Agni theertham and all the pilgrim follow the same rule.

inaddition the devotee started complaining regarding the water & area cleanliness of theertham

moreover pilgrim want that authority of the temple should take steps forward

for temple cleanliness, as it has a religion significance for Hindus..

How To Reach Rameshwaram

As it’s a holy place due to this it’s well connected

via railway & road network, Rameshwaram doesn’t have an airport

but nearest airport is Madurai Airport which

is fourth busiest airport in Tamil Nadu. Rameshwaram express runs

to the destination for more details you can click on link.

Rameshwaram Best Time To Visit is between October to April during winter

this time you will have a pleasant climate rest of the time climate

is not favorable due to its presence at tropical side

Rameshwaram From Delhi By Train, There is no direct train from Delhi to Rameshwaram,

you can take train from New Delhi to Bengaluru and from there can take other transports


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